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Ann Coulter, dead at 104

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So that's not true. But what a wonderful day it would be. I think i'd throw a party and everyone would have to wear Reagan Masks. As a party game we would make up ludicrously ridiculous stories about the people we don't agree with. Then after we signed our book deal we would be invited on the Hannity & Colmes show to air our stupid ideas as if they were serious talking points.

Oh that would be fun. Maybe someday soon.

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I'll never forget....

Posted by taint_my_fault at Jan 21, 2006 04:58 AM
...that one time in the Ronald Regan Presidential Library. God rest her soul.


I'll never forget....

Posted by claytron at Jun 19, 2006 08:30 AM
i wish i had a transcript of that entry to drudge. i don't think i've ever laughed so hard.