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Jan 21, 2006

i hate fascists

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don't tell me how to live. why does everyone have to scape goat the smokers in this country. what about the fatties? how about firing people for being really fat instead of being a smoker. i'm sure the health risks are similar. what about the alcoholics? that can't be healthy either. i finally quit smoking again but i just don't understand the hatred towards people who smoke.

Ann Coulter, dead at 104

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So that's not true. But what a wonderful day it would be. I think i'd throw a party and everyone would have to wear Reagan Masks. As a party game we would make up ludicrously ridiculous stories about the people we don't agree with. Then after we signed our book deal we would be invited on the Hannity & Colmes show to air our stupid ideas as if they were serious talking points.

Oh that would be fun. Maybe someday soon.