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LaCie 1TB Big Disk Drive Failure....Or Not

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There are days when you just have to say, "I fuckin' love the internets!!", more on that in a minute. I bought a LaCie 1TB Big Disk a couple of years ago and it slowly became my "everything disk". The only problem with this external drive is that it is setup in a RAID 0. This means that the data is 'striped' across two 500GB drives for performance. But, if one drive fails then you lose all your data!

Very recently the drive decided to start making some strange noises while struggling to start up. The drive would also emit a loud hissing noise while running. This started to freak me out since I had nowhere to back up 1TB. I debated a while and then bought a Drobo last week! Now I have 4TB usable on the local network :)

After playing around with the Drobo I decided it was time to fire up the LaCie and back it up. Sure enough the LaCie drive failed to mount. It sounded like it really wanted to but it just couldn't. Sadness!

My first google on the subject was "lacie big disk extreme sucks" (realizing later mine was not 'extreme'). The third hit was a blog post entitled LaCie Big Disk Extreme Failure. Now this is where the love of the internet comes into play. The post had around 100 comments on it. Two of them described what was happening to my drive perfectly. The first describing the startup woes:

problems included; bad booting up, clicking noises, freezes and a complete failure to mount (link)

And the second:

The power supply adapter a made high pitch sound (not very noticeable unless up close) and upon opening the board had burnt brown areas and the capacitors where bulging out the tops. (link)

I had not noticed this noise coming from the power adapter, but low and behold mine was making the same sound. So what was the solution in the end? A new power adapter. WTF! Internets FTW! I decided that I'd shell out the $30 on the chance that it might work. Power supply arrived yesterday, and now my drive is fully functional and backed up to my Drobo!!! Happiness!

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Power adapters

Posted by David at Apr 18, 2009 05:31 PM
We thought the battery/mobo on my wife's laptop was fried for the longest time because it would only run when it was plugged into the wall, no charging whatsoever. Then her power adapter broke and we ordered a replacement, and the damn thing started charging and working like a normal laptop.

Power adapters

Posted by Jeroen at Jun 11, 2011 07:05 PM
Hi Foaks,

I had the same problem twice with my Lacie ethernet disk mini 500 GB. The device looked as it was working fine: ethernet connection leds lit up normally, harddisk was running smoothly, when connected to usb a device was found, but connecting to the device (finding it on your connected computer) was impossible.

Cause: some failure of the powersupply.

So I can imagine that this is pretty frustrating and will take a lot of time to find this out.

On the internet you will find this problem a lot, sometimes with various additional problems (sound from the powersupply, strange sound from the harddrive).

On youtube someone made a video of it:

Lacie knows that the these powersupply's do not functional properly.

I hope this will help all other 'victims'.


Posted by David at Jun 29, 2009 09:28 AM
Wow I thought it was the Lacie drive itself making the loud hissing sound. I'll be damned, its coming from the power adapter.


Posted by agolbon at Jul 05, 2009 09:53 PM
I tried my LaCie 1TB external hard drive yesterday, and blue light keeps flashing and the power supply hisses. Did changing the power supply fully fix the issue?

LaCie Drive Not Powering UP

Posted by Rob at Jul 05, 2009 09:53 PM
My Lacie 1TB extreme drive is also failing to power up. And my power adapter is also making a hissing sound of some kind. I guess I will also try getting a replacement power adapter and cross my fingers.

LaCie Drive Not Powering UP

Posted by David at Jul 07, 2009 11:26 PM
Hey guys I just ordered a replacement power supply from for about $30. I'll let you know how it works out.

LaCie Drive Not Powering UP

Posted by David at Jul 16, 2009 01:05 PM
Hey guys the new power supply did the trick. The LaCie 1tb is back in action!

LaCie Drive Not Powering UP

Posted by Stephen Merchant at Aug 10, 2009 08:00 AM
I just wanted to say that Lacie's power supplied SUCK.
I have a 1tb Big Disk and on my 3rd power supply which a couple of week ago decided to now trying to argue with lacie to get my hands on power supply number 4, recover all the required data and then moving to a more stable external drive!

It's like the old Zip Drive click of death all over again!

LaCie Drive Not Powering UP

Posted by Justin at May 12, 2011 10:29 AM
Not to mention those damned Jaz drives!

LaCie Drive Not Powering UP

Posted by Chris at Jul 11, 2010 06:17 PM
The same issue has happened to me. It has also happened in the past. I thought the Drive was fried. Luckily I own two hard drives and read this post and I used the power adapter from the other an it works great. Thanks so much for the comments.


Posted by Paul Ingram at Aug 24, 2009 08:07 AM
Mine is hissing too. I unplugged it and rattled the thing around a bit while the platters were spinning up and the second half of the drive spun up! I'm going to replace the supply, but this got me back to work for at least a few hours this evening. Thx for the great tips!


Posted by girlgonehigh at Aug 19, 2010 08:39 AM
I wonder if someone could help with a problem I am having with my LaCie 1TB drive. I had it running on a Mac but the Mac died and I bought a PC. I had the drive re formatted for the PC but it won't load. It shows in Devices and under Disk Management but has no letter assigned and won't let me click the option where I could add a letter...not sure what to do but desperately need to access the files!

Any advise would be appreciated


Posted by Phuul at Sep 15, 2009 10:50 PM
I am so glad I found this. My drive failed last week. Since the disks are in RAID 0 I figured one just died. However I was sitting around today and figured I could do some research on failures and possible recovery and I found this post. I had another LaCie power brick laying around, same model and swapped them. Instant drive recovery. This makes me wonder if my other LaCie drive that "Failed" a year ago had the same issue. More to the point, I just moved and maybe swapped the power bricks between the two when setting up. Hmmm. Anyway thanks again.

Support Group

Posted by claytron at Sep 15, 2009 10:53 PM
This post seems to have become the LaCie power supply support group :)

Glad the post has helped all of you get back up and running as well!

Support Group

Posted by Steve L at Oct 15, 2009 12:56 AM
Never buy a Lacie peripheral with a power brick, or any drive with a power brick or wall wart for that matter. A proper drive has it's own supply built in with a removable 3 prong IEC power cord. I've had 4 LaCie devices and all the bricks burned out in under 3 years. At work we have a backup server with 6 Lacie 1TB drives. We have gone through a dozen or two of those damned bricks in the past 2 years. Each time one failed it froze the backup server. I'm sticking with Glyph external drives for critical uses. They cost a fair amount more but I have never had one fail and I've been using them for over a decade.

Support Group

Posted by Neilpryde at Oct 23, 2009 09:59 AM
My power supply died as well. It started 2 weeks ago. My Lacie Big Disk Extreme+ 1 TB had some problems to speed up the drive. It took 4-5 resets before the drive came on operational speed. Today I didn't manage to get the drive working.

Send an email to Lacie without answer so far.

Looked at the website mentioned above, but found 2 power supplies (57W) with should work both with my HD. Somebody knows the difference between the P/N 710200 and the P/N 80040? The latter costs 2 USD more (is that maybe a newer version which is more 'fail-proof'?

No need to buy the supply with power cord included, you can buy the the supply unit without on that website.

Support Group

Posted by Alikat at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
You sound like one of my friends, anyway I lost all my data on this lacie drive twice now. what was the overall advice from all these blogs you could suggest to me that would help with this piece of shit????

Successfull "free" recovery

Posted by Burner at Oct 24, 2009 10:06 AM
I had the same problem with my LaCie drive, The drives make noises when they dont get enough power. I took the cover off and tried powering the drives from my PC, this didnt work out, i guess the powersupply were more damaged than i thought.
Ok, i'm a cheapscate, i didnt want to order a new PSU for an old drive ...
I took the two drives out and placed them in my PC.
I fired up Ubuntu Linux, this can be done from a live CD, not requiring installation.
Here is a small guide, i wrote this from memory but i dont think i missed out anything.
1. Download Ubuntu linux live CD and burn to a CD
2. Shut down the system and place both drives in your computer and connect them.
3. Boot the computer from the Ubuntu CD, you dont have to install anything, all "installations" will be done in memory only and lost after reboot.
4. Open a Terminal "Applications->Accessories->Terminal" and install a few tools:

Ubuntu:$> sudo aptitude update
Ubuntu:$> sudo aptitude install hfsplus hfsprogs hfsutils mdadm

5. You will need to find the right device files for the two drives.
This will output all known drives and partitions on the computer, two drives we are looking for have Unknown Partition.
Ubuntu:$> sudo sfdisk -d
# partition table of /dev/sdathe out
unit: sectors

/dev/sda1 : start= 2048, size=122880000, Id= 7, bootable
/dev/sda2 : start=122882048, size= 3906056, Id=82
# partition table of /dev/sdc
Unknown partition
# partition table of /dev/sdd
Unknown partition

Ok, our drives is in this case /dev/sdc and /dev/sdd, this will be different on your system.

6. Build the raid md0 from the two drives (none of this write anything to the drives, its perfectly safe)

Ubuntu:$> sudo mdadm -B -l=0 -n 2 --chunk=256 /dev/md0 /dev/sdc /dev/sdd
This output nothing if nothing goes wrong, now check of the kernnel found partitions.
Ubuntu:$> ls /dev/md0*
/dev/md0 /dev/md0p1 /dev/md0p2 /dev/md0p3 /dev/md0p4 /dev/md0p5 /dev/md0p6

If the output show 6 partitions like this, then everything is ok, if only /dev/md0 and /dev/md0p1 is shown, then the drive order is wrong and you will need to switch them around in the raid, to do this, stop md0 "sudo -S /dev/md0" and build the array again with the two drives swiched around like this ... "/dev/md0 /dev/sdd /dev/sdc"

If you dont see all 6 partitions now, you should stop and get professional recovery help ;)

7. Mount the drive.

Ubuntu:$> sudo mkdir -p /media/bigdisk
Ubuntu:$> sudo mount -t hfs /dev/md0p6 /media/bigdisk

Congratulations, you should now be able to access all your data in /media/bigdisk.

Successfull "free" recovery

Posted by Eduardo Mendonça at Sep 18, 2010 03:02 PM
I made the mistake of elimintating the partition tree of the last 500Gb drive (/dev/sdd).

Still I was able to mount the RAID arry, but now I only have:

$ ls /dev/md0*
/dev/md0 /dev/md0p1 /dev/md0p2 /dev/md0p3

Can you please send me the full partition information so I can create /dev/md0p4 to /dev/md0p6?

Can you help me recover the partition table of the /dev/sdc in any way?


Successfull "free" recovery

Posted by Emrys Miller at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Many thanks Burner. I was unfamiliar with Ubuntu/Linux, and your notes here (which Google found for me) really helped me retrieve by otherwise inaccessible files from my big2 network drives. I felt like I was navigating a labyrinth in the dark, and your notes guided me successfully.
cheers, Emrys
Director, Rocketday
Victoria, BC, Canada

It's working, thanks!!

Posted by Cyril at Nov 02, 2009 09:10 AM
Wow... My 700G began to have some problems to start up (as if the disk couldn't start spinning, same symptoms you describe). I changed to another power adapter from a 2nd LacieDisk, and voila!!!

You saved my disk :)


Posted by Dan at Nov 29, 2009 11:35 AM
I was having a similar problem with my LaCie 1tb drive. It would try to spin up but not quite get there. I swapped the power supply and voila! it works.

Thanks for the interweb.

Power Adapter

Posted by JonD at Dec 05, 2009 12:51 PM
Yep, I'm on my 3rd power adapter now for the Lacie Big Disc Extreme 2tb. Be prepared to buy a new adapter about once a year.


Posted by Tom at Dec 16, 2009 10:56 AM
Thank God for this article. Saved me a lot of hassle and data loss.

Lacie are obviously aware of this issue, and instantly agreed to send me a replacement power block. BUT, only after I returned the faulty one, leaving me a drive short for an unknown amount of time, forcing me to buy a new one at £35.


Posted by pzosa at Dec 22, 2009 08:54 AM
let's hope this is the same for me...same symptoms with my Lacie 1TB....about to put a new supply on order


Posted by pzosa at Dec 29, 2009 09:37 PM
that was it! thanks for this thread :-)

Re: ... still wondering.

Posted by Xtian at Dec 29, 2009 09:37 PM
So, my power supply isn't hissing, but my drive keeps clicking trying to mount(or find itself), then once it does appear(as I open up my disk utility), it takes forever to see the folders and files within. Does this constitute a "power supply" problem?


It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by Jmat at Feb 02, 2010 10:33 AM
After my 1TB Lacie Big Disk no longer booted giving me only a flashing blue light and hissing sound coming from the PSU, I did a bit of web research and came across this site. After reading other comments I decided to contact Lacie as my drive was still under warranty. Long story short, they sent me a new PSU. It arrived today. After installing it.... My drive works flawlessly with no loss of data! BTW Lacie customer support was great. Had the replacement PSU at my doorstep within 3 business days. They would do well by addressing the life span of their PSU's.

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by Trev mills at Feb 18, 2010 02:29 PM
Thanks for the tip my lacie big disk over 2 years old and I leave powered on all the time. When the psu blew I read this forum and raise a ticket with lacie and next day got a psu free if charge with no quibbles now it's time to buy new naa and ditch the lacie since I don't trust them at all I ha e also a maplin mas enclose costing 40 with a bug drive in it it's only 10/100 speed but has a nice WOL feature which most nas don't have it's been going over 3 years and I will are if I can get another one in replacent of the lacie

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by Matt at Mar 03, 2010 08:39 AM
I agree that it has to be the power supply.

But instead of dropping $30.00 on a new power supply I dropped $30.00 on 2 new Sata Drive enclosures, ripped the drives out of the Lacie brick and dropped them into the enclosures.

Drives work great!

$300.00 Lacie drive enclosure = FAIL!
$30.00 Sata drive enclosures = Priceless.

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by W. James Meagher at Mar 10, 2010 02:34 PM
I'm dealing with a 2 year old LaCie 320Gb Quadra (which has a Seagate 320Gb, 3.5, 7200.10, SATA drive in it).

All worked well until the other day - won't power up at all . . . nothing!

Tried powering it with a different power adapter from my other identical drive - still nothing.

Noticed that the power adapter light is solid green like normal until I plug the apapter into the drive, then the green light blinks slowly. Unplug the adapter from the drive and it goes back to solid green.

There were never any noise issues from either the drive or the adapter.

Any ideas?


It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by John P. at Apr 13, 2010 03:48 PM
I too had two (2) 2TB Big disk go bad. I assumed drives as I tried oboth power packs, and then one from a STILL RUNNING 1tb (single drive) Lacie Ethernet Big Disk. It was running ok so i ASSumed it was ok. The second 2TB unit went bad (within days) So I got to thinking... Ethernet Big Disk has one drive in it, the 2tb have two(2), maybe voltage is low. Measuring the voltage on all four (4) power packs show that they ALL ARE LOW!! About 9.35 volts!!! Yikes!!!

SO I found an associate who had a newer 2tb Big disk and he lent me his power pack - BOTH UNITS WORK FINE AND ARE READABLE.

I made a work around until LaCie sends me back new power packs.

1. Standard ATX power supply WITH ON/OFF SWITCHIN BACK(old style non-ATX would be better).

2. Cut a chunk from a paper clip to short pins 13 (black) and 14 (green) as shown in this jpeg[…]/z_mbconatxmain.gif - THIS MAKES THE POWER SUPPLY BE ON SINCE WE HAVE NO MOBO CONNECTED TO TELL IT TO TURN ON.

3. Cut the power pack cable off and striped the wires back. BE CAREFULL !!! RED IS 12V!!! BLUE IS 5V!! ONE WOULD NATURALLY THINK THE REVERSE.
If you have different colors, use a meter to determine which is +5 and +12, legend is on the power pack body.

4. Put some heatshrink tube on wires, soldered, then shrunk. Those without the tools could twist well and tape, though soldering is recommended.

5. Connect>>turn Lacie power on>>turn on power supply switch and BINGO. My drives function fine.

Email me if you need more details.

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by Jack H at Aug 29, 2010 11:20 PM
John P.
Thanks to your suggestion I have stopped crying in the corner, over the lost of my I hardwired my 2Tb LaCie Big Disk to an old PSU, who doesn't have five or six of those scattered around, and the drives spun up the proper way. Much obliged to you, sir.
Jack H.

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by John P. at Aug 31, 2010 08:52 AM
Nice to hear it helped you.

Thanks for your response.

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by cook at May 05, 2011 10:04 AM
It definitely was the power supply....had the same problem

It WAS the Power Supply!

Posted by Brian at Sep 16, 2013 08:59 AM
Crap, i know this is a 3 year old post but i was wondering what enclosures you bought. I have two LaCie drives that still wont work after buying new power supplies. So i took out the drives and want to buy some enclosures for them. Just wondering what you bought and if they were only USB 2.0 or possibly FW800 which i would prefer.
Thanks if you can reply to this in the next year or so... hehe.

LaCie 1TB Big Disk Drive Failure...Or Not

Posted by Wyatt at Apr 16, 2010 10:11 AM
I can't thank you enough for posting this thread. I've been indexing a fairly large music collection on my LaCie TB drive for just over a year, all the while intending to back it up, when the exact problem happened to me. The drive clicked. The drive hissed. The drive got louder. The drive lit red and blue. The drive got louder still.
I don't watch television. I hate going to the movies. I listen to music. Lots of it. And the drive meant a lot to me. It had nearly all of Chicago Public Library's collection, not to mention my own and several of my friends' glad to have it back and running. I'd buy you a beer...nay...a case of beer if I could. Thanks so much, WYATT from Chicago/Austin

LaCie 1TB Big Disk Drive Failure...Or Not

Posted by claytron at Apr 16, 2010 10:13 AM
I would gladly accept payments in beer :)

Same thing

Posted by Hugh Hamilton at May 26, 2010 06:07 PM
Thank god for this post. Having the drive die and then being charged a hundred dollars by an incompetent computer store (Mac Enthusiasts in Los Angeles) to be told that it would cost upwards of 2000 dollars to recover the data - and then to have the problem solved by a two minute google search and a twenty dollar power supply.You made my day. Now if can just get those Mac people to give me my money back....

Incredible .....

Posted by jan at May 30, 2010 10:49 AM

I was facing same problem and I was just about purchasing NEW LaCie drive when I was able to goggle your post.

With new power connector my drive is well and running.

Thank you very much !


me too

Posted by DaedalusYoung at Jun 04, 2010 08:36 AM
Whoah! That's freaky. My LaCie 700G is starting to get startup problems. I have to let it run for a while, then turn off and on again and then it mounts. So I thought, let's see what the internets have to say about this. And then I found this, and yes, my adapter is hissing as well!
Can't believe this happens with LaCie, I thought they were such a cool company...


Posted by Natalie Napoleon Wi at Jul 18, 2010 04:37 PM
what a great post. Thank you so much. I noticed a few times before the failure that the cord would make a popping sound and this explains that. Thank you! I'm so relieved. Going to look into the Drobo.

Great post it was the PSU

Posted by Chris McIntyre at Jul 18, 2010 04:37 PM
Thanks for posting this. My 1 TB Big disk Extreme I use in my studio as an audio/video drive started hissing on startup, or whenever the drive was under load requiring more power. This started making me nervous, so I've been backing stuff up. Did a little research and found this post. Sure enough, it wasn't the drive hissing, but the damn power supply! I will purchase a new one and safe a few bucks on a new drive!

Fingers Crossed and thanks to all here!

Posted by Ben Dover at Jul 21, 2010 10:35 PM
I own 3 LaCie 2tb drives, 2 quadras and one Big Disk.

Well, the Big Disk (the oldest of the 3, has a different PS than the Quadras as well) stopped showing up as a drive, and noticed that the blue light was blinking steadily. EXTREMELY I Googled and found this blog/thread.

I checked my PS for sound, and sure enough it's making a strange buzzing noise...and the system it's plugged into keeps doing the "insert/eject/insert/eject" alarm ad infinitum, and it never does mount the drive.

I can also tell that the drives aren't spinning up either as there isn't any gyroscopic resistance when I pick it up upon starting it up.

I've ordered my new PS for it from LaCie and am REALLY hoping this resolves the problem.

Thanks to the original blog author and to all those who responded, anxiously awaiting and I'll weigh back in to share whether or not this resolves the problem.

Fingers Crossed and thanks to all here!

Posted by JB at Jul 27, 2010 07:35 AM
i bought a 1TB lacie quadra about 9 months ago, i use it maybe once or twice a week,last week i saw the light blinking so i turned it off and on and worked normal again,today it wont show up on my desktop, it makes the blue light blinking and also the clicking noise for about 15 seconds after i turn it on, however there's no hissing noise coming from the PAU,tomorrow ill go to the computer store to but one power adapter and hopefully this will solve my problem, i have about 800 Gb of music videos and dont have a back up, so im very nervous, ill keep u guys posted on this one, thanks for everyones posts!!

Fingers Crossed and thanks to all here!

Posted by Ben Dover at Jul 27, 2010 07:35 AM


I went out to LaCie today and picked up a new PS instead of paying for shipping.

Brought it home, plugged it into the drive, and it came right back up!!

Can't thank everyone enough for all the info!!

Best to all!

Lacie PSU

Posted by Mike at Aug 19, 2010 08:39 AM
I have cured the Lacie PSU problem.
After 3 replacements I hot wired a normal computer PSU to run without a motherboard and cut the end off the Lacie box and wired it to the old computer power supply the voltages and pinouts are on the lacie PSU sticker.

LaCie power supply

Posted by Steve H at Aug 19, 2010 08:39 AM
I have a LaCie 500 and the power adapter went bad after about 2 years. All the classic symptoms mentioned above. Bought a new chord and now the drive works fine.

But I am paranoid about the thing going bad again, so no automatic back-ups; I only plug it in when I want to use it because I was told that sometimes when the power cord goes bad it can result in the loss of the drive itself.

Has anyone else heard that? Am I being too cautious?

Needless to say, I am no longer impressed with LaCie.

No Luck Here

Posted by Scott at Aug 31, 2010 08:52 AM
I wish I had the good news to post that most others have here. A while back, the power supply on my 1TB Lacie went poop. I replaced it and everything was fine. A couple weeks ago we had a bad thunderstorm and a nearby lightning strike blew our cable out (requiring a technician to come out) and several breakers tripped. A cheap cordless phone died, too. The Lacie was running still, but not mounting. I hoped that if I replaced to power supply again that could fix it. I had unplugged the Lacie and elf it sitting there until the new brick arrived today. I plugged it in and nothing happened. The drive didn't start up at all. It was running before I unplugged it, but now nothing. What happened during the past few weeks that would have made it completely dead, when it was running (or spinning, at least) even with a "bad" power supply? My next step, I guess, is to looking into putting the two 500GB Seagate drives into another enclosure and hope they still work. I have my whole iTunes library on it. The Lacie was a network drive, though, so I don't know if it's easy to get a replacement enclosure that will also let it run on the network. ARG!

Lacie not powering up and it's not the powercord

Posted by Ben Clayton at Nov 05, 2010 02:56 PM
Hi folks,
Seeing that this thread survived for over a year and there were so many happy stories, I thought I'd try to revive it in an effort to create one more.
My Lacie Quadra d2 stopped turning on too. I switched power cords from my other Lacie, which works, and it still doesn't power up. Just to double check, both power cords work on my other Lacie, but my 500GB still won't respond to either.
So following other suggestions, when I open it up, I can't tell if this is the sorta drive that I can pop into a SATA enclosure docking station:[…]/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153066
or is this what works?[…]/usb-sata-ide-adapter-for-hard-drives.html
Any feedback would be great.
Thanks all.

Lacie not powering up and it's not the powercord

Posted by Frank Rubino at Nov 22, 2010 06:41 PM
Yes, I went through the power cord replacement recently and it did fix the problem on my 1TB big disk. But just last week the same issue occurred (blue light blinking, drive 'tries' to mount but won't) and laCie sent me another power cord. No joy. The new power cord does not help and I don't want to pay insane prices for recovery or hand the disk over to lacie for refurbishment. Was thinking I'd try to find an enclosure but need some guidance. What is inside the big disk?

Is everyone using a Uninterupted Power Supply surge protector????

Posted by Brian at Nov 29, 2010 09:57 PM
The guy from Lacie told me "I've also seen certain models of UPS battery backup units cause the power supplies to fail. If you're using such a system, you might want to move the LaCie drives to run off a regular surge protector instead."


Posted by Dustin Kick at Jan 09, 2011 10:18 PM
Cheap capacitors.

Thank you - big time!

Posted by Andy Y at Jan 25, 2011 08:36 PM
Thanks heaps - this post was the first I came to, and solved my failed drive immediately. Just swapped powers supplies, and all working agin.


Posted by Vinc at Aug 08, 2011 02:56 PM
thanks man!!! Two years on, this post is still saving time/money/hard work!!!


Here goes nothing!

Posted by TagsxA at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
We had a huge 3 hour-long power outage just last night and although everything in the house came back up without an issue,mMy Lacie 2Big Network drive refused to boot up completely. At first, it would power up for about 30 seconds and then just shut off. I popped out both drives and plugged it in which allowed the unit to stay powered on. As it was on wihtout and drives in it, I popped one of the drives and and the drive spun up and it sounded as if it was reading and whatnot.

After a couple minutes I dropped the other drive in it and now both sounded as if they were doing something. Unfortunately after about an hour of all the lights flashing blue, I gave up. I tried unplugging and plugging the power and every time I tried, I'd get different results.

After a couple hours of searching online, I FINALLY found this thread. I just ordered a new power supply from this ebay seller:[…]/110915634117#ht_2931wt_922

I'll try and respond once I get the supply and try it out. I pray this works since we have all our pictures, music, videos, etc. on this NAS.


Posted by Keith at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Make that nearly 3 years on... Off I go to get a new power supply!!

Shoddy workmanship

Posted by g at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
So 4 years ago my 1 TB drive started acting up, and I figured it was my own fault for saving $40 by purchasing a "refurbished" drive, despite their claims that it was still covered by warranty and all that jazz. After a bit of research & progression of symptoms, I realized it was the power-supply rather than either of the 500GB drives that comprise the unit, or so I thought. I'm currently on my FOURTH power supply (yes, you read correctly, 4th), and the same problems have sprung up. The drives start to spin but fail to get up to speed or mount, blue light flashes, etc. etc.. I've even opened up the drive case (despite the little sticker's warning) to inspect the board, connections, drives, yada yada, and despite finding the source of a very disturbing rattle (a small bracket of sorts that refuses to hold in place), could find no reason for the consistent failures of each and every power supply. I'll be checking the caps of the capacitors on my next inspection, but suffice it to say that Lacie is not in the market for loyal customers, but rather first time noobs such as I was, i.e. the "take their money and refuse to give a fuck" market.

Thankfully I was smart enough to use the drive only for replaceable media, hence my next step will be to remove the drives from the enclosure and use them as 2 separate externals. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has encountered these problems NOT rely on the replacement of the power supply as a solution, but merely a stop-gap to recovering any cherished data, and transferring it to another more stable drive or burning it to disc. Lacie has thoroughly earned my contempt at this point, and I wouldn't trust their drives further than a chipmunk could throw one... (I am seriously considering pitching mine against a tree, & seeing as I easily could, I figured a small mammal would make a better visual in this case.)

regards to all who've endured the frustration I have,

 - g -


Posted by Jake at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
I second the comment above. My LaCie was whirring but the lights were off.
After reading this I found an old adapter still attached to a dusty, disused Omega Zip drive and used that to fire it up. Blue lights now flashing. (Didn't even know it could be run off off a plug-in cable)

RAID config?

Posted by Tim at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Hi. Came to this thread late, but some really useful contributions. My own issue is I have had a proper failure (before that I had several power untis from Lacie - in fact I still have a spare as they sent me 2 last time they were geting bored with me - if anyone wants it? - i onloy found this out as I had another Lacie drive (DVD burner) and swapped them.... anyway....)

I have been trying to follow the recovery instructions, with some small amount of success but am styill trying to recreate the RAID to see if I can get all data back.... I have tried and failed with the ubuntu boot - too much for my little brain to manage. I do havce UFS file explorer - which is great, but to recreate the RAID is asking for a number of parameters which despite numerous exchanges Lacie have been unable to provide.... can anyone here help please? As follows - thanks in advance. t

1) RAID Mode (select from: Striped: RAID 0, Spanned JBOD, Striped+Parity RAID 5, Striped+2xParity RAID 6)
2) Stripe Size (select from: 4kb 8kb 16kb 32kb 64kb 128kb 256kb 512kb 1Mb)
3) RAID5 Parity Distribution (if applicable - select from Left-Symmetric (backward-dynamic), Right-Symmetric (forward-dynamic), Left-Asymmetric (backward), Right-Asymmetric (forward))
4) "Reserved from disk start" (set to 0)
5) Finally is there any particular order that the partitions should be in?

You saved my data. THANKS!

Posted by Gero at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Thank you very much for saving my data. I was convinced my La Cie disk died and then the solution was as easy as replacing the external power supply. Incredible. I even had one from an old external DVD drive that I could use.
I still find it hard to believe that all this clicking noise that sounded like a broken hard disk was just cause by the power supply.

Thanks again!

1 TB External Hard disk

Posted by ashu sood at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
You mean 1 Tb hard disk include two 500 gb drives then how can one affected platter destroy data of another platter.
i brought this 1 tb hard drive but not found any issue


Posted by billy at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
I read it. Didn't believe it. Tried it. It worked.

Even said out loud, "Go away."

Thanks, you made my day.

More fail

Posted by Chris at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Bleh, power supply failed a few months ago, so I stumbled upon this site, bought a new one, and all was well.

And just yesterday, I heard this horrible two-toned on-and-off beeping noise coming from my LaCie drive. It lasted for maybe a good 30 seconds to a minute. Uh oh. The blue light blinked, but the drive wouldn't mount. Sure enough, the hissing sound was back. One thing I noticed was that for some reason the noise level increased and decreased with the activity of the drives. If they were spinning up, the hissing/humming noise would increase like a camera flash. If the drive was turned off, the hissing would go down somewhat.

The LaCie is a RAID-0 array with 4 drives, which means if one drive dies, the data on the rest of them is as good as gone.

Hopefully it's just the power supply that failed again, and not a drive in the array. I'm keeping the drive disconnected until the new power supply arrives as I don't want to risk frying the drives if they're still good.

Yes! It was the power supply!

Posted by Mark C at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Exactly as you described: the drive sounded as if it were struggling to spin up and the power block was making a high-pitched hissing sound. When I replaced it with an identical one from a second 2TB Lacie Big Disk Extreme drive, everything worked fine. Thank you!

Failing LaCie BigDisk Extreme -repair solution (but data lost)

Posted by Pierre at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
I was finally able to resurrect a 1.5TB LaCie BigDisk Extreme disk. I knew it was not the power supplies as they worked with other disks. It was normally used in FireWire mode (400 or 800) and it would not be recognized by my iMac(s) (10.6.8). I finally connected it under USB. It was recognized with a message to initialize it. As I did not need the data (it was my Time Machine disk), I proceeded and I now have a working disk. Good luck to all with similar problems. PS: After using dozens of LaCie disks this is only the second one to fail plus one charger.

Thank You SO Much For This Post!!! (LaCie 1TB Big Disk Drive Failure....Or Not)

Posted by Ellen Fitz at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
I am so thankful this post is still out in the internet world for us to see. I had the same experience; LaCie Big Disk powered up, lights blinked, but laptop couldn't "see" it. I was panic stricken. I couldn't afford to replace it and couldn't afford to fix it. I didn't know what I was going to do. I came across this post and all the comments about how replacing the power source worked. I ordered a new one form Unit Electronics (about $22 and another $10 for tax and shipping) and just plugged it in and all is well. So THANK YOU! Now I can move on to worrying about how I should really back up my back up...

Thank You SO Much For This Post!!! (LaCie 1TB Big Disk Drive Failure....Or Not)

Posted by Ellen Fitz at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
I am so thankful this post is still out in the internet world for us to see. I had the same experience; LaCie Big Disk powered up, lights blinked, but laptop couldn't "see" it. I was panic stricken. I couldn't afford to replace it and couldn't afford to fix it. I didn't know what I was going to do. I came across this post and all the comments about how replacing the power source worked. I ordered a new one form Unit Electronics (about $22 and another $10 for tax and shipping) and just plugged it in and all is well. So THANK YOU! Now I can move on to worrying about how I should really back up my back up...

Lacie Drive

Posted by Carl Edwards Photography at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
I too had my Lacie 1T fail to mount. Light flashed, made a LIGHT clicking sound. PANIC! Called Lacie and after a brief conversation describing my problem the tech ask me to put my ear to the power supply. I told him it was making a low hissing sound. Not loud. He said, should make NO sound and sent me another power supply.
Well, if you didn't hear me scream THANK YOU!, then you live more the a hundred mile from me. Power supply shall make NO SOUND, or... replace it. SOOOO much better.

LaCie d2 network2 failure

Posted by Florin at Aug 09, 2012 09:49 AM
Hi everyone. Indeed a very informative forum.

My story is that my 14 months old 2TB NAS has "died" on me a few days ago.

Historically about a month ago I have requested a new PSU from LaCie which they have promptly sent. This was triggered by the fact that my NAS was slowing down or freezing or shutting off.

I have replaced the old PSU with the new one and to take a proactive approach I went and got myself a new 5TB 5Big LaCie unit....That was just last Friday.

I have that very evening started to transfer data from the old unit onto the new one and noticed that the transfer speed over the network was on some file less than 1MB/sec, where some other files did transfer at 10-11 MB/sec. I left the units transferring and came back ...1 hour later to find that the old unit was switched off.

I power cycled and ... to my surprise the PUBLIC and the SHARE mapped to my PC were not there.

I went into the dashboard and, while under the Drive Widget it still reports 1.4TB used and 444GB free, under the Shares Widget there is no more share.

I am now in panic mode as like all of you out there I have invested a lot of time in indexing my preferred video and audio collection.

I bought today an eSATA docking station (CADDY) and I will pull the harddrive out of the LaCie case tonight, in a desperate attempt to recover my data.

I can see an eSATA connection at the back of my new 5Big NAS and I thought of connecting the CADDY there. What should I expect to see upon this? Should the old harddrive just appear under the 5Big explorer? Is there anything else I should do to get the old drive mounted to the 5Big and access my files?

Any comments and feedbac will be appreciated.


Power to the people

Posted by Declan Kenny at Feb 04, 2013 11:51 AM
Thanks for this thread - two 300gb LaCie externals - one power supply died a few weeks ago, probably taken out by power cut. Thought the clicking was from the drive - couldn't find it on Disk Utility. Nearly chucked it. Swapped over to the other power supply... bing - it's back! Sometimes it really is just the simple things...

LaCie Big Disk Quad

Posted by Scott at Dec 12, 2013 10:41 PM
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. I thought I lost an entire year worth of photography- an entire year! Came across your article, swapped the PS with a working Quad, and it worked! My symptom: Quad "dismounted" suddenly, light went red. When turned off then back on, light would flash red first, then go through boot sequence. After what looked like a complete boot sequence light would go red. The lights on the back were blue, red, red, red.