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Rocky has some unfinished business to take care of

The Mask Of God (Part Two)

The Mask Of God (Part Two)
Rocky: yo

Rocky: jesus

Jesus: rocky what up dawg

Rocky: thanks for the craniodiaphyseal dysplasia.

Jesus: it's the least i could do

Rocky: i was able to help cher win best actress at cannes in 85' with your gracious inflection

Jesus: my dad said she deserved it

Jesus: he also likes fishnet

Rocky: yeah, well laura dern still won't talk to me

Rocky: get you get him to do something about that?

Jesus: well i got laura nominated fora a Saturn Award in 1994 for Jurassic Park. what the fuck else does she want?

Rocky: i'm hopin' a divorce from that no-good psuedo beat trick, ben harper

Rocky: i hate that guy

Jesus: she was engaged to billy bob and jeff goldblum so there's a good chance you might get your wish rocky

Rocky: sweet!

Rocky: can you also change the colloquial term of my illness from 'lionitis' to 'hungitis'? i need all the help i can get.

Jesus: sorry rocky, i gave humans free will, you're screwed

Rocky: i hope you never come back for your sake

Rocky: i will fuck you up

Jesus: you know after a few 'water to wines' i get in a fightin' mood. you don't want to mess with me when i get like that. walkin' water will seem like a walk in the park to you when i'm done with my wrath.

Rocky: you have turned my life into a charade and launched the acting career of a hippie wench. there'll be no resurrecting when i'm through