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it nearly came to fistacuffs last time. this segment leaves you with a cliffhanger.

Round Two - Spin vs. Grin

Round Two - Spin vs. Grin
Bill O'Reilly: it people like you we should ship to guatanamo bay and never allow back into our peacefeul, christian, law-abiding, conformist society

Al Franken: you should come with me

Al Franken: and bring copies of your book

Bill O'Reilly: there's no saving a mind as corrupt as yours. not even with my award winning, new york times best seller, 'who's looking out for you', available at local barnes and noble and participating target stores

Al Franken: don't make me put you in your place like i did at that last book convention

Bill O'Reilly: fuck you franken! fuck you and your fuckin' liberal fags!

Al Franken: can i get the last word in bill?

Bill O'Reilly: don't patronize me you pert-lipped pinko pansy. how dare you exploit my liver spots?!

Al Franken: i would never do any........

Bill O'Reilly: SHUT UP!

Al Franken: bill calm down we can settle this like re........