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Oct 19, 2006

Canadian 'rock therapy' at the Vogue

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Broken Social Scene ... ... the vogue. .. canadian Rock Therapy. The opening band was a phenominal rush of sonic masterpiece. No words were spoken while the music was playing. And it was a really powerful performance. Then BSS came on and started with my favorite cut of of the latest album. Shoreline...... When that moment hit, the stage was in a complete frenzy of din. They went on to play amazing versions of other songs like cause = time that pushed the edge of the song and melded it into something new. Superconnected was another spectacle to behold. The stage felt as if it was one unit. Devoted to rockin' your brain for three hours.

There wasn't a song that played that didn't send vibes through my head. The band was integrating with the audience and making them seem like friends of theirs. I've never seen so much interaction with a crowd than at this concert. The venue was perfect, The Vogue. The music was amazing. It was a really powerful and playful show. My favorite show of the year so far.

Aug 13, 2006

I want a Nixie Clock!

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I had no idea such a think existing until a few days ago when I was cruising around Flickr. I ran into a series of photos by a guy who was creating some fantastic stuff. And one of his pictures was of his Nixie Clock. It's a clock that uses special tubes that can show digits like this

nixie clock

It's really a beautiful thing. I have had a love affair with the tube for audio purposes and now for telling time too. I think that would look nice in my living room. Don't hesitate to head over to this site and buy me one.