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Long live the roller derby

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I hope that the current roller derby revival lasts a long time. Lucie and I witnessed our first bout tonight and it was a blast. Now you're saying, "Why the hell is he talking about roller derbies? Didn't that sport die a long time ago?". It did die. Now it is breathing new life and governed by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

If you are living in Indy (or any other city with a derby team) you have to check this out. Our very own Naptown Roller Girls put the smack down on the Hard Knox Roller Girls tonight. Things were looking bleak for a few minutes but the Tornado Sirens (Naptown Roller Girls) pulled out to an 18 point lead at the second intermission. They held on to win by 3 points in the last Jam. At one point one of our girls (Touretta Lynn?) threw one of the Hard Knox girls (black-n-blue) down and a fight broke out between them. The Naptown coach ran over to break it up and was then thrown out for doing so. If that wasn't crazy enough the coach came back over and threw a chair into the rink and proceeded to get into a fight with one of the refs! This was pure madness. Finally the dust settled and all was right in the world again except that black-n-blue should have been thrown out.

This is the NRG's first season and it's been a pretty good one so far as I can tell. I'll see you all at the next bout on May 12. Go Tornado Sirens! I'll be yelling the loudest for Jane Ire #1984 because she was totally kicking ass against Knoxville. J. Roller #420 is in a close second.

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The Derby

Posted by erik at Apr 28, 2007 01:18 AM
Girls, Sweat, and Short skirts. Three things I do enjoy. Not sure why we have not made it there before???