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Music makes the world go round

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A lot of music has been making it's way to my computer lately. One album (which I bought at Fnac in France and was really overpriced) is the self titled album from Feu Thérèse. They are a French Canadian outfit on the same label as Godspeed You Black Emperor. The first track, Ferrari En Feu (Ferrari On Fire), starts with three minutes of what sounds like a psychedelic version of Pole Position. Then it breaks into a coherent song which isn't too bad. It's got a kind of cheezy organ playing and drums and then a semi distorted guitar comes in and some other instruments follow. Interesting track but not the strongest on the album. The second track has a much dreamier quality to it. There is a whispering kind of sound in the background and some nice guitar sounds. Very strange album indeed.

I also got that Gnarls Barkley album which continues Cee-lo's trend of good music. That guy has such an incredible voice. Just makes you want to listen for ages. Let's see, I also acquired two Tunng albums which are pretty decent. If you like The Books then you'll like Tunng. The song Engine Room off of Comments of the Inner Chorus is probably my favorite. The vocals are haunting and the background music complements the voice very nicely.

I grabbed The Coup's (the coop if you are Black Thought) new album and was a bit disappointed. I think it's one of those albums that I will really appreciate later because I was expecting something completely different. It's always nice for an artist to slap you up side the head with something you weren't expecting. But I just haven't been diggin' this new material. My Favorite Mutiny is the first cut I heard before purchasing the album and in my opinion none of the other tracks live up to the voracity of that track.

While surfing the web I wandered upon a bunch of free downloads of old out of print stuff. One of the albums was Henri Texier's Varech. It's a pretty decent jazz album and Henri did all the instrumentation on it. Another French album I procured was Roçé - Identité en crescendo. I had to have Lucie buy it for me from the French iTunes store. It's a really chill hip-hop album. The whole album is backed by some really nice jazz. I have no idea what he's rapping about but it sounds good to me.

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