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Jul 11, 2006

Did I spelll this write?

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Camino will have spell checking built in soon. Last week Infinite Loop had a link to a blog entry in Sucking less, on a budget where pinkerton reported that he had checked in spell checking to the trunk of Camino. Although three days later he posted a new entry saying:

I realized i biffed the static target on the branch, so the branch builds still don't have spellcheck. Sigh. I'll fix it when I get back to virginia

Even though it's not quite there yet I'm still excited to know that this feature is on it's way to my desktop as I'm writing this blog entry in Camino right now!

Now if we can just get address book integration with Thunderbird in OS X...

UPDATE: The latest alpha release of Camino 1.1 includes spell checking and many more improvements. I'm afraid to upgrade as it will break Inquisitor which no longer supports Camino :(