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Feb 20, 2006

This might be real.

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what i am seeing right now looks to be an almost beta format of this being.

my hands hurt. that's how long i've been sitting here working on this site. i want to finish it really bad so that i can actually use it. i have lot's more ideas and some more styling to go.

that's it. hope it amuses you.

Feb 19, 2006

good places for great dvds

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i recently purchased a few more criterion collection dvds. amazon wants too much.

my amazon wishlist is growing with many criterion collection joining the list. but if you are going to buy criterion dvds you should buy them from dvd planet because they have much better prices than amazon. it's usually between $20-$25 on there as apposed to $35-$40 on amazon.

some other places:

Feb 08, 2006

ciccone youth re-issue

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i've just stumbled across this album while importing every CD i could find onto my mac. the ciccone youth (sonic youth w/guests) album is totally whacked out of it's mind in madonna obsession.

there are some incredible songs on this album. there are also some really hilarious songs on it too. like the cover of robert palmer. overall very enjoyable.